Understanding The Statute Of Limitations As It Relates To Personal Injury

Generally known as the Magnolia State, not to mention being one of the most amazing and beautiful areas in the Southern region of the United States, Mississippi car accident incidences are also famous because of the dangerous roads. If you are involved in any accidents on the road it is best to get a personal injury lawyer to deal with legal matters.

During 2004 alone more than 900 people ended up killed from car accidents in this state. Most of these fatalities could be linked to the enormous network of roadways, highways and interstates which people travel on daily. As the volume of motorist continues to increase everyday in the city, highways and interstates, so does the accidents which have become more damaging both physically and economically.

Whenever a person is involved in a Mississippi car wreck, there are many items that they need to learn about their legal privileges.

First of all, a victim must be aware of statute of limitations which could affect their statements and also the time they must file for such claims.

What is a statute of Limitations?

This is a law which either the state or federal body has implemented in order to reduce the period of time which legal proceedings could be brought against the other party in the case. Most of the time when the statute of limitations expire the victim is unable to begin any kind of legal process against any other party. All of these limitations had been set up to deflect matters like death of witnesses as well as inexhaustible legal cases.

What are the implications of these limitations in this state?

There are actually two types of limitations which anybody involved in car accidents in this state should know about. These would be the personal injury and wrongful death.

Whenever an individual is involved in a car accident, then limitations for personal injury will be 3 years from the actual date that any injury took place. The limitations for wrongful death will be 3 years from the actual date when the victim died.

As soon as the time for the limitations passed a victim cannot file for a claim. You can contact a Mississippi lawyer to learn more about these issues.