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How To Deal With A Car Accident

Mississippi car wrecks and accidents take place far too frequently, because people carry out all sorts of other tasks when driving. Additionally, regardless of the advancements developed for safety specifications for trucks and cars such as anti-lock brakes, air bags and various other safety enhancement measures throughout the last decades, motorist will still be injured whenever there is an accident.

As a result, Mississippi car accident and wrecks are prevalent, which leaves people with severe injuries. The reality is that whenever we are driving any kind of vehicle, be it a motorbike, truck or car, our complete concentration and attention should be on driving.

Unfortunately, being attentive to our driving is one thing most drivers in this state forget about. Many recent surveys indicate that distraction is contributing to increased number of accidents than in the past. The truth is, a newly released poll was carried out and it was observed that motorists admitted they regularly: forget about using the turn signals; talk and text with cell phones while driving; speed; read whilst driving; eat whilst driving; run the red or yellow lights and disregard their seat belts. Actually, research conducted recently reveals that sending text messages and driving is even worse than drunk driving.

Most people wish that persons in accidents or wrecks only receive minor injuries, but the fact is very significant injuries sometimes happen such as broken bones, ruptured, head injuries, and herniated as well as bulging discs within the neck or back. Some other serious injuries can include severe fractures, brain injuries, severe burns, neck injuries, back injuries and also spinal cord injuries. It can take months or years for these people to recover from such injuries, especially if they did not use a Mississippi personal injury lawyer to make claims.

Needless to say, there are numerous expenses which accompany several kinds of injuries like medical bills for recovery, radiology bills, physical therapy bills and many other expenses. As a result, it is important to get help from Mississippi lawyer if you were involved in an accident.

How A Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Could Really Benefit You in a Personal Injury Case?

It surely makes a great deal of different for someone who has hired an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your personal injury law case such as being injured in a car accident or been injured by someone elses action, as compared to someone who dont get any professionals to assist them. Although the cost of hiring such attorney is not cheap, for one has to pay certain percentage ( ranging between 5-10% ) of the settlement amount for the legal service, however it is definitely worth the money to seek for a such legal expert to represent you in this case.

What are those great benefits which one can obtain by getting an experienced personal injury attorney –

• They know all the ins and outs of personal injury law:
No one knows as much details as a personal injury attorney in this specific space from legal perspective. Many people believe that they know as much as the legal expert, however this is not true. Many people believed that they are entitled to the full or rightful compensation amount for the injuries which they have had from the accident, however little do they being made aware that most states do not recognize contributory negligence nowadays such as car accidents or machine malfunctions. Also, only the attorney is well aware of all the possible claims which the victim is entitled in when it comes to concluding the settlement amount. This is beyond what a non-lawyer would know of.

• They are well aware of the approximate worth of the settlement amount:
Those attorneys who have massive experience in handling such cases can easily tell the approximate worth of the settlement amount which you ought to file for your case. They know best on what kind of dependencies may increase or decrease the amount of the compensated amount which you are entitled for. With this strong knowledge, no one can get into your way by understating or misinterpreting the value of the personal injury claim which you should be rightfully receiving in this lawsuit.

• They are aware of the Insurance law as well:
There are under state insurance law which no one will ever disclose to you in the case of car accidents or any types of personal claim. In such cases, after assessing the impact of the accident in terms of the damage and injury, the insurance adjuster will inform you that $20,000 is the maximum insurance value which you will be granted because you have a good personal injury claim with excellent supporting facts. You are happy with the $20,000 settlement I am sure. However what you have not being told is that, there are under state ways which you may can receive even more than $20,000 for your particular case.

• Increase your winning chances for the claim:
Dont forget that filing for a claim is one thing, while winning for the settlement is another. There are no standard interpretations of any particular law and no one knows the outcome of your case before the case is presented and decided in the court. Many things may happen in the court, therefore it is crucial to have a leading attorney in this space to fight for your right to win the case for it takes a lot of in-depth knowledge in law to win what you rightfully own in actual in the court.

Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Says STD Screening is Crucial to Prevent Long Term Health Problems, Determine

As our society takes an increasingly serious stance towards stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, lawsuits involving STDs are becoming more common.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (PRWEB) December 16, 2010

If a person experiences health issues after having sexual contact with another, it is crucial to undergo screening for a sexually transmitted disease for medical and legal reasons, Michigan personal injury attorney Thomas L. Stroble said this week.

Screening can not only detect the STD early on and prevent serious health complications, but it may also help to hold the person who transmitted the disease responsible for medical costs, pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages, Stroble said.

“As our society takes an increasingly serious stance towards stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, lawsuits involving STDs are becoming more common,” said Stroble, whose Bloomfield Hills personal injury law firm, The Stroble Law Firm, P.C., represents STD victims in civil actions throughout Oakland County and the surrounding area.

“A lawsuit can not only compensate a person who has suffered tremendous trauma from being infected with a STD, but it can also act as a deterrent to risky, reckless and costly behavior,” he said.

Stroble pointed that, according to a Centers for Disease Prevention and Control report issued last month, about 19 million Americans are infected with a sexually transmitted disease each year at a combined estimated cost of $16.4 billion.

The CDC report noted an increase in the transmission of Chlamydia and syphilis in recent years. Although the CDC does not compile statistics regarding genital herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, they are widely believed to be the most commonly transmitted STDs.

“Herpes, in particular, is a very serious, lifelong disease, which can lead to serious complications if not detected and treated at a very early stage,” Stroble said. “It not only harms the victim, but it could also impact the victim’s unborn children.”

According to Stroble, screening for STDs may help to determine the person who transmitted the disease. That person could be held liable in a civil lawsuit, he said, if it can be shown that the person knew of the condition, failed to disclose it before engaging in sexual contact and transmitted the disease to a partner.

“If the person knew they had herpes, for instance, and failed to tell their partner about the disease or to take proper precautionary steps, such as wearing a condom, that could serve as grounds for liability,” Stroble said.

Stroble suggested contacting a family physician or a local county health division for more information about STDs, walk-in clinics, screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment and counseling options.

About The Stroble Law Firm, P.C.

The Stroble Law Firm, P.C. is a full-service Bloomfield Hills, MI-based law firm that represents personal injury victims and their families throughout the state of Michigan, including Macomb County, Oakland County, Warren, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, St. Clair Shores, Mount Clemens, Utica, Roseville, Troy, Farmington Hills, Waterford, Southfield, Pontiac, Birmingham, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills. The firm’s personal injury practice areas also include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, slip and falls, dog bites and wrongful death cases. To learn more about The Stroble Law Firm, P.C. call (248) 454-0800 or (888) 454-0801 or use the firm’s online contact form.

Pinellas Jury Awards More Than $600,000 to Accident Victim

A St. Petersburg woman, represented by Clearwater personal injury attorneys from the Mark Roman Law Group, received a verdict of more than $600,000 on Wednesday for injuries she suffered in an April 2008 car accident. The verdict was reached by a Pinellas County jury after it deliberated for 1½ hours.

Katie Burnett, 32, received the verdict at the end of a three-day trial. Burnett sued Robert Norwood, the driver of a truck which ran a red light and hit her car in St. Petersburg.

Burnett suffered multiple injuries, including a broken pelvis and left hip, as a result of the accident. She testified that she was hospitalized for five days and had to use a walker while her hip and pelvic fractures healed.

Clearwater personal injury trial lawyers, Mark Roman and Morgan Gaynor, of Mark Roman Law Group claimed Burnett never fully recovered from her injuries and will need medical care for the remainder of her life. Norwood’s lawyer, Nathaniel Fisher, acknowledged the accident was serious but alleged Ms. Burnett recovered well after several months.

The jury of four women and two men awarded Ms. Burnett about $60,000 for past medical bills and $100,000 for future medical care. It awarded past and future pain and suffering damages of $260,000 and $224,000 respectively.

Burnett’s treating surgeon, Dr. George Canizares, testified that Ms. Burnett still suffers from accident-related injuries. He said she would probably need medical care at a cost of $1,500 to $2,000 per year.

Dr. John Shim, an expert witness for the defense, said Burnett’s hip could deteriorate as she ages. However, he said her remaining injuries were sprains and strains which should have healed fully by now.

Case Information:

Katie M. Burnett vs. Robert J. Norwood and Valerie M. Norwood

Pinellas County, Case No. 08-12164-CI-07

Judge Allen presided.

Accident Compensation Claims: What You Need to Know About Making an Accident Compensation Claim

Whenever a person is injured in a car accident or at work, he has the right to make an accident compensation claim. Legally, the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident should compensate the person filing the claim. The process of claiming for compensation starts with filing an accident compensation claim which becomes the basis for the amount that the claimant deserves to receive.

When making a claim, the grounds for negligence would have to be established. Once the accident compensation claim is proven valid, a claimant may receive two types of compensation for damages- general and special. General damages are compensations for the direct damage on the claimant, such as physical injuries, inconvenience and mental stress that occurred due to the accident.

In some instances, the claimant may also receive special damages which are additional reimbursements for other expenses incurred due to the accident. These may include, but not limited to, legal expenses, travel expenses for medical visits, medical expenses, vehicular damages and loss of income while the claimant is incapacitated due to the accident.

Accident compensation claims can also be filed for negligence in some situations such as product failure, medical malpractice, criminal injury and third-party damages in construction sites. If you find yourself in an accident or in a situation which resulted because of another person or companys negligence, remain calm and put yourself in a safe situation first. When everything has settled down, call 911 for help and file an accident report. This report filed with the police department is an important document to back up your accident compensation claim, especially claims related to car accidents.

Resolving a claim does not always go smoothly. Because there are always some parties who try to conduct the process dishonestly, both parties may try and make it difficult for the other party. Some claimants who file accident compensation claim may not always be honest; in the same manner, insurance companies would always prefer to pay the least amount possible and would often subject the claimant to strict evaluation, before approving the claim.

If you are in this scenario, look for a lawyer who is well experienced in making claims for personal injury. You should find the best legal advice, as some laws are not always the same for each state, and there are some that may or may not apply to your situation. Consult an attorney who can protect your legal rights and make a speedy and accurate claim on your behalf. Be aware though that there will always be insurance companies who may take advantage of you, so get yourself represented by a well experienced lawyer who can successfully assist you in receiving your accident compensation claim.

Understanding The Statute Of Limitations As It Relates To Personal Injury

Generally known as the Magnolia State, not to mention being one of the most amazing and beautiful areas in the Southern region of the United States, Mississippi car accident incidences are also famous because of the dangerous roads. If you are involved in any accidents on the road it is best to get a personal injury lawyer to deal with legal matters.

During 2004 alone more than 900 people ended up killed from car accidents in this state. Most of these fatalities could be linked to the enormous network of roadways, highways and interstates which people travel on daily. As the volume of motorist continues to increase everyday in the city, highways and interstates, so does the accidents which have become more damaging both physically and economically.

Whenever a person is involved in a Mississippi car wreck, there are many items that they need to learn about their legal privileges.

First of all, a victim must be aware of statute of limitations which could affect their statements and also the time they must file for such claims.

What is a statute of Limitations?

This is a law which either the state or federal body has implemented in order to reduce the period of time which legal proceedings could be brought against the other party in the case. Most of the time when the statute of limitations expire the victim is unable to begin any kind of legal process against any other party. All of these limitations had been set up to deflect matters like death of witnesses as well as inexhaustible legal cases.

What are the implications of these limitations in this state?

There are actually two types of limitations which anybody involved in car accidents in this state should know about. These would be the personal injury and wrongful death.

Whenever an individual is involved in a car accident, then limitations for personal injury will be 3 years from the actual date that any injury took place. The limitations for wrongful death will be 3 years from the actual date when the victim died.

As soon as the time for the limitations passed a victim cannot file for a claim. You can contact a Mississippi lawyer to learn more about these issues.

Debt Recovery Solicitors: Aspects to Consider

When hiring a debt recovery solicitor, it is essentially important that you take your time and review available options before settling for nothing but the best one according to your needs and preferences. Any good debt recovery legal guide will sell you this. This is because the level of expertise and experiences your debt recovery solicitor has will greatly influence your chances of success in getting your money back. What are the aspects that you need to look into when choosing debt recovery solicitors?

For starters, make sure the solicitor you plan on hiring specializes in debt recovery. If you are hiring a large law firm, check if they have a specialized debt recovery department as part of the firm’s legal force; having a solicitor that specializes in debt recovery means getting assistances from a solicitor who knows exactly what to do along the way.

Ask for past references when you interview the solicitors you are complaining and take your time to contact past clients directly. You need first-hand testimonials from past clients in order to assess the quality of services to expect from the solicitor.

You must also compare fees and legal charges from multiple debt recovery solicitors. Not only will you be able to decide the best solicitor to hire, you will also have the information you need to negotiate a better quote on the services you are getting.

What are the dangers of asbestos?

In some cases, asbestos has lead to many serious illnesses, some even fatal. Even in those instances where individuals do not suffer a serious illness due to exposure to asbestos, their health has often worsened. The purpose of this article is to highlight the health risks caused by exposure to asbestos. Because there are so many side-effects from exposure to it and research is ongoing, this is by no means is a complete rendition of the consequences that exposure to asbestos can lead to, given which anyone with a concern that asbestos has worsened their health should consult their physician.

What is Asbestos?

Though many people view asbestos as a single substance, it is actually the name given to six fibrous minerals. Because these fibers, when woven together, are very strong, resistant to heat, and can be acquired at very little cost, they have been used by manufacturers in various applications for years.

For instance, for many years car manufacturers have used asbestos in everything from vehicle brakes and gaskets to roof linings. It has also been used frequently by manufacturers of cement, tile and insulation, to name just a few products.

Illnesses from Asbestos

Exposure to asbestos can lead to several illnesses, the two most common of which are:

a) Mesothelioma, a illness characterized by a tumor in one’s chest or abdomen; and

b) Asbestosis, which reduces ones breathing capacity due to inflammation and scarring of the lung.

Even those lucky enough to escape the above ailments can have affected health from asbestos exposure. One common result from exposure is pleural effusion, which involves a buildup of fluid in the area of the lungs making it very difficult to breath and causing serious pain. Because the ailments from exposure to asbestos can take years, even decades to appear, most industries in the US continued to use asbestos until roughly 1990. 

The National Institute of Health and Safety reported that between 1999 and 2005, over 18,000 individuals in the United States died from mesothelioma, declaring that workers were most at risk in the following five industries: 1) Shipbuilding and Repairing; 2) Industrial and Miscellaneous Chemicals; 3) Petroleum Refining; 4) Electric Light and Power; and 5) Construction. (www.asbestosnews.com/mesothelioma/meso_deaths_industry)